Malema ‘gets away with it’

EFF Leader Julius Malema

Dear Editor

Journalists get away with a lot.

I don’t know what brief journalists and reporters get from their different media outlets. I am raising this issue because during the EFF’s media conference held this week they let Julius Malema get away with almost everything.

Let me touch on two or three issues they let him get away with. He spoke about the EFF’s London trip and organisations they interacted with and that it was the EFF that sent information and pictures about those interactions through twitter. But there is one organisation he omitted and that is the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIAA). He never mentioned it and the EFF would not have tweeted photos from their meeting with RIAA and the contents of the speech Malema delivered there because of the Chatham House rule. This info had been in the news and it’s out there but the journalists and reporters who attended the EFF media briefing did not do research on this one.

Malema said before the existence of the EFF African people could not speak back to whites. Is that really true? There were African people who have always spoken back to whites and there are those who, to this day, don’t because of psychological oppression  irrespective of whether the EFF was in existence or not. There were those Africans who not only spoken back to white people but also fought back. What does Malema think the PAC and POQO and later the Black Consciousness Movement were all about?

He is probably not aware that in December 1972, Black Consciousness Movement leader Mthuli ka Shezi was pushed in front of an on-coming train at Germiston station because he was defending African women being drenched with water by a white station cleaner. Earlier that year, another Black Consciousness Movement leader, Onkgopotse Tiro publicly attacked the apartheid government and told off a gathering packed with white people. Steve Biko punched a white Security Police Officer inside a police station after he had warned him that if he hit him he (Biko) was going to hit back. Ahmed Timol hit a white Security Police Officer on the groin with his knee and was pushed from the tenth floor of then John Vorster square and died. Eighteen year old Sipho Malaza from my township of Kagiso was also pushed from the fourth floor of Krugersdorp Police State and died.  In 1976 African students took on the mighty apartheid government. Where was the EFF or Julius Malema himself?

Finally, he attacked Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and labeled him a one-party dictator and labeled ZANU-PF supporters cowards, some of those ZANU members were involved in a revolution to overthrow the racist colonialist settler regime of Ian Smith in a bloody revolution. Malema has never experienced a revolution but he describes revolutionaries as cowards. He also compared Mugabe to Fidel Castro. He said when Castro realised that his time was up he handed over power. But Castro handed over power after how long and to whom? Castro had been in power since 1959 and Mugabe came to power in 1980, twenty one years after Castro had been in power. Malema forgets that Mugabe came to power through an election and elections are held every four years in Zimbabwe and that there has never been even one election in Cuba since 1959. Obviously this unwarranted attack on Mugabe came from London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs, a big player in globalist politics and regime change. Malema and the EFF forget one thing and that is the ruling families of Britain and the West in general don’t stand for this charade called elections but are the ones ruling not only Europe and America but the whole world and they have been in power long before Mugabe was born and even longer than Mugabe’s great grand father was born. Focus on the West’s ruling families and live Mugabe alone.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso.

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