A vote against Zuma is a vote for a new ruling team: Dave Gant

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The debate on Tuesday – to the extent that it might be relevant to the minds and souls of ordinary South Africans – should not solely focus  on the evil persona of Jacob Zuma as a corrupt individual – compromised, captured, cunning, conniving, contemptuous of the Rule of Law as he surely is – but rather concentrate on the removal of his entire corrupt team.

7 August 2017 – As Leader of the Government and “Chairperson of the Board” of South Africa Inc, – not the ANC –  and the ultimate bearer of the responsibility to create a globally respected non racial, democratic, peaceful, honest, socially and economically transformed, prosperous Nation,  Jacob Zuma has failed dismally. And, perhaps even more importantly, most of the team he has previously and recently appointed has equally dismally failed.

His inconsistent,  irrational and self serving juggling of appointments  to and firing from his Cabinet,  his deplorable choices of incompetent and proven corrupt, and sycophantic cadre deployments to head State Departments, manage State Owned Enterprises, and other organs of state (Public Protector, SAPS, NPA), his failure to call them and his Ministers to account when they have demonstrably failed or be proven to be incompetent or corrupt, and  his or at least his family’s association with the Guptas and many others, has exposed his total inability to form a team that gives South Africans the confidence that a Zuma team has the ability to restore our country to the status it deserves.  Under his leadership, we are simply going backwards – SA citizens are confronted with the evidence of this daily.

As ”team leader “, he has presided over the diversion, stealing and loss of hundreds of billions of Rands which could and should have been invested in radical economic and social transformation.

Every thinking South African readily supports “radical Economic and Social transformation inasmuch as it implies a marked change in the form and appearance of the production, distribution and use of income, wealth and commodities and the upliftment of the social welfare of human beings as members of the broader South African society – particularly the unemployed and the poor!

But the word “radical “ stems from the Latin word “radix” meaning “root “. ANC MPs would do well to examine the more recent “roots” of our problems of poverty, inequality, unemployment and the reasons for their inability to implement the long  talked about transformation.

The “roots” lie in the incompetence and corrupt leadership of Zuma and many of his appointed team – not necessarily all of them. Even limited research exposes the stench of corruption and mismanagement that exists in his present and former Cabinets and their Departments, the SABC, SAA, Denel, PRASA, SARS, ESKOM, the HAWKS, SAPS and so on.

The fact is that the largest and most abused and mismanaged “monopoly” is that held by the Government itself and exercised by the President and his Cabinet. They and their cabal of “State capturers” are the privileged exclusive possessors and controllers of the substantial “wealth” transferred annually to Government by the people of our country – estimated to be R1,3 trillion in the next fiscal year – via direct and indirect taxes, including and especially those from “white and black monopoly capital” and the man in the street.

Instead of being invested in transformation, a large proportion of this “wealth” is being stolen and wasted by corrupt, incompetent and crooked executives and officials appointed  by an ethically compromised President – not to mention his family and  those tender entrepreneurs and other individual private interests undeniably involved in “State capture“ activities whose personal millions , even billions, flow from exploiting their incestuous relationships with those in power.

A vote of No Confidence is not a vote in support of or for the Opposition parties or even a disloyal, “undisciplined” vote against the ANC and its admirable historical struggle credentials or its policies, in the main well crafted by the ANC forbears and stalwarts and more recently in terms of the NDP and as coherently presented by the Pravin Gordhans and Trevor Manuels.

It is not even really a disloyal attack on Zuma.

It is a vote for a change of team leader firstly, and secondly for the urgent appointment of a fresh new unshackled, uncompromised leadership team of individuals comprised of those who want and can halt the decline of our county to the  status of yet another “ Basket case of Africa” and who will direct the wealth they control to where it is needed most – economic growth for all – and especially the eradication of unemployment and poverty.

Zuma’s team have proved that they are unable to achieve this.

If the voters of South Africa still deem it appropriate to have a Governing party that has “struggle credentials” – then so be it – but then they must ensure that the custodians of their and their children’s futures are entrusted to individuals – who reject inefficient cadre deployment, who abhor personal enrichment at the expense of the poor, who are honourable in all aspects of their personal and political lives and who are totally committed to  the Freedom of the Individual, Human Dignity and the Rule of Law. And most importantly, who cherish and wish to preserve the wealth creation ability of our Nation, irrespective of its source, and to apply it to the betterment of the lives of those that need it most.

If the ANC Members of Parliament cannot chose leaders now with these characteristics from within their ranks, via an immediate change of the current status quo and through their support of a Motion of No Confidence on Tuesday and the creation of a new “ANC Leadership Team”, then it is time for the voters of South Africa themselves to find them from alternative party political homes. And they will sooner or later!

A fine definition of Leadership includes vision, a sense of reality, courage and integrity. Most of the the  Zuma team do not possess these values. I do believe however that a new team with these values can be found now within and later both within and outside the ANC!

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