Another Corporate Water Warning – AVI’s Simon Crutchley

Another leading SA businessman has added his voice to the growing concern about the water crisis.

Presenting his company’s annual results in Johannesburg, AVI boss Simon Crutchley bemoaned the impact of the drought on “every one of our businesses.”

Many of the leading brands in tea, coffee, biscuits and crisps, frozen fish and cosmetics, come from AVI, which is a listed company.

The firm is hit by the impact of drought on agriculture. Meanwhile, as a manufacturer, it needs water for its factories. “With the drought in the Western Cape, we are evaluating alternative water supply opportunities,” Crutchley told analysts.

“Anybody interested in strategic planning knows SA has a systemic problem, but problems can be fixed.

“On our own, we are not going to be successful – without a general acceptance that water security is important for the economy.”

The Cape Messenger will be leading a high-level engagement between business, the community and government to seek more ambitious solutions to the water crisis, in Cape Town and beyond.

The initiative is called The Water Leapathon.

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