What is the measurable, one sentence objective?

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Chapter 40 – What is Every Position’s Primary, Measurable, One-Sentence Objective?

How does each person in your organisation know when they are successful?

In the ISO 9001 templates, every position is well described and every task is mapped in terms of best practises.

Yet it is imperative that a single sentence should be the guide to success, the one-liner that defines the measure that everyone should know and that all should abide by.

Make sure they understand, believe and live it.

One of your primary roles is to give structure. This structure must lead to a meaningful existence.

Our receptionist’s key role is defined as follows: to be the shortest route between a customer’s problem and an answer. This is Joyce’s world. Now her position description echoes her primary, measurable, objective (PMO),  – just what she is expected to do above all. It’s not just handling the switchboard and putting through calls as needed. There is a why built in. Often she can help, guide, and dramatically enhance the company’s reputation. She is magic. She saves time, frustration and effort for the customer who is calling in, as well us for the person who will be fielding the call. Joyce will diagnose who is on the line, and why. So calling in won’t lead to the same questions being asked each time the caller is re-directed from one (wrong) person to another, until he stumbles upon someone to help. There is a solution on the way from the first: “Hello”.

Joyce at reception knows as much as possible about the company. How else will she know how to help?

If every position in the organisation has a PMO, each can be evaluated objectively. Evaluations are still on the ISO template, but beside the achievements that each employee lists, he is evaluated on his ability and consistency in doing the one thing that is his focus.

Every position should be so defined. What would yours be as the CEO?  What’s your PMO?

If all positions, then, are measurable, shouldn’t all positions participate in the bonus scheme?

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