Nelson Mandela Bay election possibility ‘distracting’ says DA

Sipho Pityana (right) with (from left) Nelson MandelaBay Mayor Athol Trollip and city council speaker James Lawack at a protest in Port Elizabeth in April. Photo: Joseph Chirume of GroundUp

Reports at the weekend about the possibility of an election in Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) where a DA-led coalition has been in government, seeks to distract us from the most pertinent issues. The Democratic Alliance’s federal council chairperson James Selfe writes

The reality is that the people of NMB rejected the ANC at the ballot box during the 2016 Local Government Elections. They made it clear, through their vote, that they wanted total change. They gave the DA and our coalition partners the mandate to govern with the commitment to root out corruption, deliver basic services fairly and equitably.

The coalition government has already made great progress in rooting out corruption, bringing about financial stability and delivering services across NMB, more so to poor areas which were neglected by the previous ANC government.

We cannot seek to put those very same voters through an election when their voices have been heard loud and clear, not just in NMB but in Tshwane and The City of Johannesburg.

We also cannot be held to ransom and be forced to make decisions which will not be in the best interest of the people that we serve.

The DA remains committed to working with all our partners to ensure that we do fail those who have entrusted us with a mandate to lead them to a corrupt-free and working city.

We will continue to engage further with those whom we govern with so that we can ensure that we do lose sight of what is most important, the voters.

  • The Cape Messenger notes that the future of the coalition government in Nelson Mandela Bay which includes Port Elizabeth, Motherwell and Uitenhage is in the balance after the council passed a vote of no confidence in the UDM deputy mayor. It is not clear if other opposition parties will side with the DA to retain opposition rule or whether the ANC will return to power.

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