The Unconventional CEO – Un-drudge All Tasks

The Unconventional CEO

Chapter 41 – Un-drudge All Tasks. You are Paying Your Champions to Think and Improve, not to Repeat Menial Actions

Automate! Undo! Simplify! Don’t complicate! Your people must leave the office energised for their real life. If not, you are failing them.

We want to prosper, not exist. We need to be fruitful, not busy. There’s a horde of such one-liners in the ether, all for a good reason. Do you drive slaves, or are you in the business of getting ahead?

Another line: at five o’clock your assets go home. Their real lives start when they park in the drive at home. They have three or four hours of a home-life that must reinforce why they want to come back as early as possible tomorrow.

Their motivation for coming back the next day won’t be eight hours of drudgery, meaningless tasks, the repetition of inane actions, or wasting their time on something that keeps them looking busy.

I want to fire anyone who looks like they are working too hard. I would first have a heart-to-heart in the mirror to practice talking to that guy to test the assumption that I have un-drudged those tasks. Then I would need a very good reason to keep the finger off the trigger. Somehow something became over-urgent and some system failed to expedite it before the deadline.

I am hooked on using Excel and yet I cannot understand accountants who need to export the financials into Excel for massaging, checking, report writing and all the bean polishing, before all is dished up with a nice béchamel sauce and fresh cherries. What’s going on here? This is being busy.

Ditto about anyone with a pen in their hand. Just what notes are you creating outside of the official reports, or the note section in the customer profiles?

To un-drudge, you should automate as much as possible. Get a security guard at the printer, too. Just why is that page not in a PDF, and ready to send, share, save, or file? Have a relentless methodology for weeding out the deadly, bad habits that suck up work-time and clog the day.

I need my troops to drink the best coffee in town, sit around the large, domed, open-area in the middle of the office ground floor, and share ideas. There are no doors, nor walls and thus no offices. Only the boardrooms are enclosed. Anyone with a pile of paper arouses suspicion. Anyone leaving for home with what looks like a file is a candidate for the high jump.

What is the drudge? Ask and you will be told. What wastes time? Prepare the shears. What do your chaps want to do? Be prepared to be amazed. They do know.

The Unconventional CEO offers succinct, compelling advice from one successful CEO Mario Pretorius, to you The Cape Messenger reader.

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