The Unconventional CEO – Licence Your Tigers for Their Tasks

The Unconventional CEO

Chapter 44 – Licence Your Tigers for Their Tasks

Can they type 45 words per minute. If not, why did you hand them a PC?

Can they operate Advanced Excel? Only then give them access to the spreadsheets.

Train them, test them, licence them and reward them. On a continuous basis.

Your infantry is giving up their best, most valuable time five-days-a-week, when they could be doing real-life stuff. Use their time really, really well. They may resemble wage slaves, but they are your biggest link to success.

They trade in their real worth for security. You are paying them less than they would be worth if they were running their own business; this gap is where your profits come from.

What are the other things you expect them to do as if they intuitively know it all?

Should they master the Accounting system to Advanced Level? Should you make Certified Project Management a requirement for everyone scheduling tasks and jobs? Even a VoIP for Dummies book gifted to your telecoms decision-makers would put them ahead of your competition.

Make the minimum levels of competence part of the job requirement. A good typing speed is a massive advantage, and typing accuracy is an even bigger advantage. Sadly, we’ve found no other enterprise that sees things in this way. You should implement and enforce this in yours.

All our PC drivers get to do Excel to Advanced stage. All have iPads with a minimum number of apps. Everyone has been trained on MindMapping and iThoughts is the programme of choice. Increasing everyone’s levels of excellence and competence pays serious dividends and boosts confidence all round. We test typing speed every three months and this test is mandatory. If you expect the best from your dragon-tamers, equip them well.

The Unconventional CEO offers succinct, compelling advice from one successful CEO Mario Pretorius, to you The Cape Messenger reader.

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