The Unconventional CEO – Does every position in your firm have a backup, a Plan B?

The Unconventional CEO

Chapter 46 – This should be in the form of a set of procedures and must contain details of another person who is equipped to take the baton in case of absence.

This is the lesson we had all waxed and sorted before we got bigger and into a different league. People take vacation, need unplanned sick days and move on, up, or out.

It helps to know exactly what all of your people do, how they do it and where they do it, from the files and ledgers to the quote folder and other details.

Not only does it help the stand-ins to cope, but you will realise how imperative it is that these tasks are described, and that the interactions are all documented.

With a “See you later” to the departing one, the plan B person can take on the caretaker role. Of course you have had a dry run here, too, to avoid any nasty surprises.

Plan B and person B must be debriefed and assessed after the absence, as well. What could be improved? What went wrong? What other evil that was previously unforeseen is bubbling under? Getting this firmly in hand gets you way over halfway to ISO certification, too.

Turn to your systems, too. Plan B, and sometimes plan C, becomes desirable. Is there a backup plan for your external support? Losing an Audit Manager or a supplier would require quick-thinking. Better to do this at leisure, beforehand. Never run out of good plans.

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