The Unconventional CEO – The court jester can tell the king the truth

the unconventional ceo

Chapter 47 – You should offer reward when the truth is spoken to power, however galling, humbling, or inconvenient this refreshing and necessary action might be. All too often a commitment to speaking the truth is mere lip service. Hardly a single whistle-blower is ever honoured. The Jester could once tell the truth without fear of personal consequences, but that was then and this is now.

Does morality clash with business sense? If it does, reconsider why you find yourself in this predicament. Life is short, friends are few, but regret is everlasting. Make sure that your voice is one of reason, of honesty, and that you are the shining light on the hill. Would you really sell your soul and reputation for a marginal call? Think!

It often seems that business advantages are explored closer to the quicksand than most would be comfortable with. The true extent of the criminal empires spanning the earth may not be known, but their successors are lurking in the corridors of respectability, mind-gaming their entry into a world of no accountability.

Listen to your Jesters. Never go ad hominem. The messenger might well be just the bravest of an entire division, where all of them think your latest stunt stinks. You must be beyond reproach. While it’s not great coming second to the bastard who flouted the rules, tomorrow is another day. Then you will measure your actions against your beliefs, and your way against the universe that chose you as the lucky one that you are. Don’t disappoint.

Be fair, always. Fairness is the one thing you cannot explain away from any child. Unfairness hurts, from very early on. The notion may have been numbed over years of school bullying and other miscreantic behaviour by your predecessor.

So let peace reign and Joe the Fair take the throne amidst a new era of hope and joy. With his honest and unafraid Italian pantomime troupe of Pierrot, Columbine and the others.

The Unconventional CEO offers succinct, compelling advice from one successful CEO Mario Pretorius, to you The Cape Messenger reader.

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