The Unconventional CEO – Control fear and anxiety, and anger

The Unconventional CEO

Chapter 51 – Under severe stress, your IQ rolls back to that of an ape. Perhaps your IQ is rather sensitive and needs little coaxing to round the arms and scrape the knuckles. The count-to-ten is an old but tried strategy to keep you from the inevitable Grand Jury hearing you might foist on yourself through uncontrolled emotion and actions. Perhaps there will be talk of the straightjacket, too.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, is your enemy and the ‘macho’ hormone testosterone is your ally. Holding your body in power poses can bring down the pressure and enable you to regain your cool and lower stress. I would advise you to get yourself out of yourself in a stressful situation by securing a good grip on yourself and on your hormones. Stand. Pose. Think. Lower your voice. Start asking questions. Until your blood pressure and blood sugar are back to normal and the testo is back in control.

You dislike surprises and everyone knows this by now. The chance of a confrontation is lessened, and the bad news will be filtered in absorbable batches.

Your first impulse is toward action. Hannibal would have had you for breakfast. It was only the withdrawal of Scipio and the luring of elephant man to battle, on his own terms, which saved Rome. This is your duty: get real, corroborated info before you let out the battle cry. This may seem like inaction, but it is not. It is regaining control of the situation. You need to fight battles on your own turf as far as possible.

Time might be of the essence. Sometimes you need to act calmly, and delay is called for. Your largest customer just defected? Send the peace offering wrapped around the 24-month penalty clause you negotiated when the fresh bloom of beauty was on the cheeks of the relationship.

Anxiety is even worse. Anxiety shows up in uncontrolled, no-contingency, monsters that lurk in your corridors. Go back to the risk list and revisit the effects, the alternatives and the ease of implementation. Background anxiety will fritter away your confidence and your health. It is contagious, Superman. You do not want those green kryptonite rocks close to you. Get rid of the worry attitude. After all, you don’t get ulcers.  You give them.

The Unconventional CEO offers succinct, compelling advice from one successful CEO Mario Pretorius, to you The Cape Messenger reader.

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