Can We Toque? Lovefish

I lived in Belgium for almost 20 years. (It was a life sentence but I was let out early for good behaviour).  Having lived in a county which claims it invented frites, I am partial to a good chip. Very partial.

Fortunately, lovefish makes good chips. Because I do not love their fish.

I chose the lovefish fish restaurant in the Morningside Shopping Centre, after having had some pretty uninspiring meals at some of its neighbours.  I thought it deserved a try.  And I deserved a lunch.

There was a rather suspicious welcome, because clearly there was something strange about me, even though I wasn’t wearing my ‘I Escaped From Belgium’ t-shirt. The wine list arrived fast and I ordered a Warwick First Lady white. It was far too warm for me, so they brought me a ‘half a bottle in the ice and the other half of the bottle out of the ice’ ice bucket. Why don’t waiters understand basic physics? I resorted to ice cubes.

My guest arrived (late) and we had some starters. I had the seven-spice seared tuna, which was very tasty. A kick of chili but not too much. The menu said it came with Jalapeno candy? A strange and rather dry texture, but it seems to have been what gave the dish its fine taste

The other starter was fish chilli bites. Nice, but not very fishy. Still, at least they didn’t bite back.
My deranged guest likes sushi – which I don’t – and enjoyed it. He had the Kiko platter and a prawn hand roll. I am not sure how you roll a prawn hand, but he seemed happy.

I had a sole in a fishy sauce. Fishy sauce in every sense. Not pleasant. The sole was overcooked, so I sent it back. They did, to their credit, offer a substitute, and took the fishy fish off the bill.
Fortunately, the chips were very nice. I have had far worse main courses.
I will not, however, be returning.  The bill, with tip, came to around R500.

I give the restaurant 3*
Key to the Ratings….
1* Dog food is nicer
2*. Cat food is nicer
3*. Not bad if Woolworths is sold out of ready meals.
4*. I like it
5*. I love it. Not to be missed.



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