Dalai Lama: The empty chair at Tutu’s party

The Dalai Lama

In the incredibly unlikely event that I make it to 86, I would like to think that loving friends and family would come around for a glass or two of sweet sherry and a few salted nuts.

Were I a world-famous Nobel Laureate (even more unlikely), I would demand it.

So how desperately wretched is it that we have a government which – effectively – banned Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s spiritual buddy, the Dalai Lama, from being in Cape Town for his recent birthday celebrations?

There was no point in the Tibetan spiritual leader even applying again to visit here after an earlier application was refused – they never quite put it that way,  but rarely do cowardly politicians speak the truth. The message was clear: Stay away!

Instead of being a special guest at the Tutu party, the Dalai Lama sent a video message.  (As, I gather, did Bono, who is not a spiritual inspiration on quite the same level.)

In his message, the Dalai Lama made a joke about the wine he was missing out on, but surely he was missing out on more than that?

There is little doubt that the Dalai Lama has been given the message that South Africa is off limits because the Chinese don’t like him, and we love the Chinese.  A lot.

With South Africa kowtowing to Beijing at every opportunity, it would not do to upset those nice Chinese.  After all, they are known for their adherence to Human Rights, aren’t they?  Such nice people.  They got us into BRICS, after all. Who cares if they have a high rate of repression and public executions and eat dogs?  JZ doesn’t seem to.  He loves ‘em.

The irony is astounding.   Tutu is an icon, rightly praised for the role he played in bringing  a rainbow democracy to South Africa.

His Lama buddy is a Buddhist.  Followers of this religion may be rightly pissed off over the way the Chinese have annexed their territory,  but they are not known for their violence.

What a godless bunch of soulless sods we have, who will not allow a Nobel Laureate, a man of peace, into our country?

Sorry Archbishop Tutu, but the rainbow is fading fast.  I just hope you got to see your old chum in HD.




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