The Unconventional CEO – Blinded to Something Even Better

The Unconventional CEO

Chapter 57 – Believing in Something Good Might Mean that You are Blinded to Something Even Better

Let’s call this the Fallacy of Perfection. If it works, don’t screw with it. Or something to that effect. There are some things that are perfect. Mom’s apple crumble and the goodnight kiss from your firstborn. However, most business ideas and processes can be improved on. And drastically, too.

Let’s assume you are able to develop a mindset that is critical of everything around you and you crave to understand both the width and depth of the subjects that affect you. As a decidedly average open-water swimmer, with my age counting against me, I can try my best to improve, or alternatively, try to find creative ways to change the way I train or swim.

I first found out about former Olympic gold-medallist swimmer Alexander Popov and his coach, Genadi Touretski, and this opened a whole new world of thinking about man’s motion as an aquatic animal. I swam more easily and my performance improved. Then I read Terry Laughlin’s Total Immersion Swimming. I followed his strategy and improved even more. What next? I cannot wait – so I hunt for it.

Such a mindset makes you evaluate everything, as a thinking exercise. How can an airplane seat be improved? What should be done with juvenile delinquents? Is it possible to make a better cover for a laptop? How can an App be made child-resistant? Hence the Porsche Cayenne and the iPhone: it embodies thinking beyond the Good.

Thus you walk through your Empire – watching, thinking and challenging the best on offer, and not just the worst. There are better ideas. We just don’t think of them.

The blindness comes from believing that ‘good enough’ is a timeless statement. It’s great for today. Until someone improves on it and you will then have to play catch-up as well as get-ahead. That’s a double challenge. Instead of a single hop.

Get the rest of the paid eyes to look at their world in the same way. If the best can be made better, the worst must be extremely easy to improve. Why do we do it this way? What do we do with the outcome? Is it that important? Is this really the best outcome? Question and listen. Raise your standards incessantly and your people will rise to the occasion. They will love being given the chance to think, too.

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