Wesgro rattled by CT airport shooting

Shooting at Cape Town’s international airport rattles Wesgro’s feathers. The Cape Messenger editor reports.

The shooting was outside the departures terminal at Cape Town International Airport on Wednesday morning.

Western Cape’s tourism, trade and investment promotion agency, Wesgro, condemned the shooting – which now appears to be gang-related.

Tim Harris, Wesgro’s chief executive, said his organisation was confident that the authorities “will do everything necessary to investigate and bring to book those involved in the shooting”.

He confirmed that the incident occurred on Wednesday morning at the Cape Town International Airport.

“This incident should not deter tourists from our beautiful city – who can rest assured that their safety is a top priority to the city and province,” he stated.

Two men were shot and wounded in the incident at the drop-and-go section of the airport.

It is not clear if the incident is gang-related, but News 24 reported that Jerome “Donkie” Booysen, who was described as “a suspected gangster boss”, was one of the people shot.

It also reported that this attack was apparently in retaliation for the shooting at Cubana in Plein Street, Stellenbosch last Saturday.

Mother of two Nicole Muller, 30 and Donovan Jacobs, apparently a 28s gang member, were killed in that incident.

Police have not, according to reports, confirmed that the two incidents are related. The shootout occurred early on Wednesday morning.

The second man, unidentified at this stage, was struck by a stray bullet in Wednesday’s shooting.

The airport remained open on Wednesday.

Ironically, the shooting took place a day after Wesgro was lauding a group of international airlines, including Lufthansa, for pledging to expand flights to and from Cape Town International.

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