Shaun Abrahams has – finally – been found

The gazebo at Irene Lodge

During World War Two the village of Irene was home to many Royals in exile, including the Norwegian and Greek royal families.

It was a hub of South Africa’s then major role in global international relations.

This was not least of all because it was home to Prime Minister Jan Smuts who was included in British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s war-time Cabinet.

It was at the Smuts house in Irene where the King and Queen of Britain visited him in 1947.

These days it remains the hangout of the politically powerful and the location for many key ANC meetings.
A key venue of choice is the Irene Country Lodge, now a 5* hotel with impressive security.

Eskom executives, SA Cabinet ministers, Russians, Chinese, visiting international politicians and others mix with business executives.

All are to be spotted at this delightful lakeside venue, which is just a  short blue-light dash from Pretoria.
Most recently, though, one of SA’s most sought public figures – National Prosecutions boss Shaun Abrahams – has been spotted in the lakeside gazebo, surrounded by sidekicks.

There had been a flurry on social media, questioning why he had appeared to have side-stepped his duties, and has failed to crack down on some of the worst corruption involving some of our most senior politicians.

Now we know. He has been too busy feeding the ducks.


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