The Unconventional CEO – The One-Chance Rule

The Unconventional CEO

Chapter 59 – You’re in your current position for a good reason. The last incumbent of the chair in which you are resting so comfortably is no more, probably for a good (if unspoken) reason.

At some stage in your tenure, there will be a Great Reckoning, and you will have to regroup and refocus the energies of everyone towards a new point on an ever-shifting horizon. If you’re like most of us, you came through the door with a crisis in full swing. Whether or not this was fair, you will have been given an extremely tight deadline in which to blow reveille and point the way. You were expected to, and appointed to, perform the miracle, with perhaps an extremely limited knowledge of the industry, no working knowledge of the staff’s capabilities, nor the real factors that lead to this crisis point, marked ‘X’ on your map.

Yet you said “Yes!” to the package. To the status. To all the irrational things on which an uninformed wannabe (sounds familiar?) bases life-changing decisions. Been there, done that, too.

Let’s assume you pulled it off, to the great surprise and delight of all. No sweat. Drinks all round, please barman! Excellent. As the proverb goes: even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while. Which you did. Now it’s time to make sure you do not have to repeat the exercise. As the next time you will know enough of what you risked to become trapped in paralysis by analysis. Or even worse: you will fail.

There are not many ready hole-in-one shots in the championship golfer’s shot selection. You need to make sure you never need one again. You have proved your worth around that Death’s Bend, so now let everyone get their breath back and drive slower and more responsibly, while the adrenaline subsides. Those on the payroll hoped for a miracle and here you are, whizz-kid and all that. Just don’t try to cash in on that adulation too soon. Steady on. Small adjustments. Try to manage, not to lead too much.

The One-Chance rule may come later than on day-one. For example, your selection as CEO, following the departure of a Giant in the Industry, was intended to keep his legacy alive, by not doing things differently from the recipe he concocted, tried and proved. The people need the same reassurance, too.

When Armageddon creeps up, you will have a reservoir of good faith and trust – all hinging on your decisions. Rally the troops and announce the plan. Just One Chance… That is all you have to get it right. The enthusiasm to change course when plan#1 fails…is at the square root level. So get it bang on target. First time. A hole-in-one.

The Unconventional CEO offers succinct, compelling advice from one successful CEO Mario Pretorius, to you The Cape Messenger reader.

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