The Unconventional CEO – Asking is better than telling. Requesting is more effective than commanding

The Unconventional CEO

Chapter 60 – Isn’t this obvious? Let your feminine side through. Lady CEOs included.

To ask a question is an open invitation for a proper response. Your infallibility can be tempered. A flat “No!” response after a command has been issued means war, or worse, as it could lead to subversion. Asking requires commitment, not obedience. This is a big difference. By asking, you are actively listening. How does this work?

You, in asking mode: “Can we have the report later today for my review tonight, please?”

“It’s not ready yet”.

“What parts are not ready yet?”

“Balance sheet needs some work. It’s the asset amortization table that’s tough.”

“Great. Just get me the Income Statement, Cash Flow and Tax Schedule, then. Please give me an ETA on that table.”

Game over.

When you say “May I?”, or “Could you please?” and the like, it may be seen as a steely rattler hypnotising the rat. You are putting gloss on the obvious. Great manners will get you on the dance floor, along with a promise of reciprocity, and develop your capacity to understand situations while remaining unflinching on results. Once there, you can learn the steps and so be one step ahead. Stay there.

Don’t criticise. Improve. Your delivery is too often the tool that opens the door to understanding, acceptance and action. Hey, you could learn something new every day, as well. Sometimes two things on a good day. Your people are dying to teach you.

The Unconventional CEO offers succinct, compelling advice from one successful CEO Mario Pretorius, to you The Cape Messenger reader.

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