The Unconventional CEO – Understand rules vs principles

The Unconventional CEO

Chapter 62 -As you are the CEO, it’s your desk where the buck stops. Regardless of who it was that screwed up. Compliance is the latest bureaucratic disease foisted on the free spirits who live and die by commerce.

Hence you will be well advised to know the regulations and the rules of your industry, your tax code and your country’s laws. There are myriads of these. Your Legal Counsel is on standby. Not always to guide, but usually to extricate your troubled enterprise from doing a Bad Thing. There are no excuses, as I discussed in the earlier ‘Events vs Patterns’ section. The law is always a black-and-white world.

Still, we prosper and keep out of trouble by keeping to the right principles.

A phrase which comes to mind is: “Doing the right things and doing things right.”  Sunshine is the best disinfectant, meaning all transactions must be transparent.

Your principles must be widely known and well understood. We meet the Gods of the crossroads a hundred times every day. With our adherence to the right and correct principles, the deities may continue to smile upon our choices. There would be very little time, or need, to rush back to check the laws and regulations with every decision.

Any fool can make a rule. Most fools abide by them. You don’t like a regulation or idiotic compliance issue? Agitate for its change. There are few brave souls out there with the stamina and inclination to manifest their lives in the way they first envisaged. You should be one. So don’t sit on your talents.

The world lives by the rules of nature and men are sifted by their reciprocity and consideration. Laws outside of this are inherently unfair and it’s your job to match these with your well-versed business philosophy and the strength of your convictions. You must be guided by principles. Laws and rules should not constrain your efforts, unless there is deficiency in either.

Should you adhere to the spirit or the letter of the law?

In some countries, the ethos is that everything is legal unless some law prohibits it. In others the envelope is not pushed in that way. If you are in captivity to the former, your competition may use loopholes – this is decidedly unfair. Ultimately you serve customers whose trust you earn by doing the right things – and, of course, by fearing no-one.

The Unconventional CEO offers succinct, compelling advice from one successful CEO Mario Pretorius, to you The Cape Messenger reader.

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