Zupta book ban ensures bumper success

Zapiro from BizNews

There is no better way of ensuring that the book, The President’s Keepers, by journalist Jacques Pauw, is a spectacular sellout than by receiving a “cease and desist” letter from the State Security Agency

Tafelberg, the publishers of the tell-all book about the Gupta, Zuma corruption, which sold out its 20 000 print run this week already – and is going into reprint already – has been sent a nasty letter by the SSA.

According to NB Publishers – of which Tafelberg is an imprint – the SSA demanded “that we withdraw the book from the stores and retract parts of the book”. It smacks of apartheid-era-like book banning of the worst kind.

The SSA is further threatening to go to court to get an “interdict preventing (NB Publishers) from further distribution, further printing, publishing or promotion of the book” should the publishers not withdraw it from the bookshops. The SSA threatened to institute criminal charges against the publishers “and any other individual concerned in relation to those parts of the book which are in violation of the relevant statutes”.

The book was first on the shelves at stores on the 29th of October.

NB Publishers said the book written by the highly respected journalist and author Pauw – who exposed the apartheid-era Vlakplaas death squads when he worked for an anti-apartheid Vrye Weekblad newspaper – blows the lid off South Africa’s gangster state. The President’s Keepers exposes how millions of rands of taxpayers’ money flowed into the bank accounts of bogus spies, among the stunning revelations about President Jacob Zuma’s government and dirty tricks in SA’s law-enforcement agencies.

The publishers said it stood by the author and the book.

Meanwhile, the Cape Town Press Club is to hold a launch of the book on Tuesday 21 November at 12.30 at Kelvin Grove.

The press club said the Intelligence Act was being misused in a transparently vile attempt to draw a cloak of secrecy over the exposure of corruption in government. The club said it would not be intimidated and it fully supported NB Publishers and Pauw “and we look forward to hosting him as our guest speaker”.

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