Awful politicians feed water crisis cancer

The collapse of the water sector is largely due to voracious rent-seeking by the ANC kleptocratic elites, underpinned by the toxic policy of cadre deployment to reward members of the ruling party, aided and abetted by KPMG, Bell Pottinger and SAP.

This, unfortunately, includes Minister Nomvula Mokonyane, whose actions regarding specific decisions such as the delay of phase two of the Lesotho Highlands Project, and the non-investment in infrastructure for DA controlled areas has dire consequences for our country.

The poacher can never be a trustworthy gamekeeper.

While I am trying to build a movement around the new Paradigm of Abundance, let us never forget what the actual core driver of institutional failure in the water (and energy) sector has been.

The law must take its course as we regain control over our beautiful country so brutally stolen from under us.

I am unable to pursue a narrative of blame, but until we excise this cancer, we will not be able to rebuild our broken country. I say this with the full authority of a war veteran who placed his own life on the line to protect the democratic transition called CODESA.

Cry Beloved Country. Enough is enough.

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  1. Moreover- what we are seeing playing out is not just corruption/kleptocracy etc etc.. but an insidious war of Marxism/socialism/communism against capitalism/democracy.. Thats the real war here..The ANC received a lot of guidance and training while in exile by the Russians.. Its no wonder that we have a Russian (Rosatom) deal pending and needing to push through government.. Africa is the last remaining land that communism can take hold especially where tribalism is still so solidly entrenched in the mass population..

  2. This is what happens when political maneuvering and exclusion of opposition party infrastructure development causes the country and its general population be become collateral damage.. caught in the cross fire..

  3. Dear Anthony,

    I feel your heartfelt words and concur. Our country has sadly been held to ransom.
    Claire Whittaker.

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