Who tried to stop the lights shining on state corruption?

The launch at Jo’burg’s swanky Hyde Park Mall of Jacque Pauw’s best selling ‘The President’s Keepers’  left many literary people literally in the dark.

The lights went out.  More than once.   The signings continued, but the formal session was abandoned.

EWN reported that Exclusive Books’ CEO Benjamin Trisk isn’t able to say whether the power cut was a deliberate attempt at sabotaging the event.

It noted: “Veteran investigative journalist Jacques Pauw’s book has sparked outrage from various government agencies with the state security threatening legal action if the book was not removed from the shelves.“

The author had received death threats and it is clear that the book has irritated government.

So was it a coincidence that the lights went out at the launch, causing chaos and confusion?

What do you think?

Do you believe the power cut during the launch of Jacques Pauw’s book was:

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