The Unconventional CEO – Think continuously about the challenges

The Unconventional CEO

Chapter 74 – Opportunity is often where you look for it. If you do not know what you are looking for, you will not find it. If you are not looking, it won’t find you either.

We often see and find what we are looking for. If we are not knowingly looking for something, that something will be filtered out and someone else may find it, correctly identifying it as a brilliant opportunity.

If sleep is an underrated activity, then dreaming is off the scale of neglect. If you do not have a head full of questions, showering will be a simple act of hygiene instead of a steam-filled strategy session with the wisest guy you know. A journey as a passenger would be marking time, instead of triggering a burst of creativity.

The process works as follows: Ask yourself a relevant question. Write it down. Formulate it properly and simply. Give your subconscious the time to unravel it and constitute an answer. The answer will be pretty simple. This means that the heart of the trick is to ask a simple question.

If you think continuously about the challenges, your subconscious can get to grips with the answers.

You should have many hours every night for your ever-awake reticular activation system to send its librarian to the accumulated files, under ‘W’ for wisdom. Then to hurry back with a three-word missive. It works like this…

Q: How shall we differentiate our product now that it has been simplicated?

A: Box it.

Q: Should we buy the Eastern Cape business and bid against Dirk?

A: Finance him.

With the right set of questions at the back of your mind you will be alert to the answers and opportunities. Ask questions that seem irrelevant at the time, but may turn out to be decisive.

The unconscious mind is supportive of your ongoing quest for answers and it should be harnessed. What’s the last thing you tell yourself when you are about to doze off? Make it one of the questions that you have written down. The answer will generally come. The timing is uncertain, but it will only come once. Arriving at an ‘ah-ha!’ moment is a wonderful feeling. Treasure and develop it.


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