Can We Toque? The Goatshed, Fairview.

I am a great admirer of Fairview. It’s an Estate which not only makes brilliant cheese and wine, and some of the best olive oil in the country, but it is also a fun place to visit.

The Goat Tower near the entrance has real goats, and I suspect they are the most photographed members of their species in the world. Great fun for the kids, although given the noise some of them were making when I visited, it was a shame that the (four-legged) kids were not given a few (human) kids to chew upon.

Fairview has a welcoming and vast tasting room for cheese and wine, often packed with coach-loads of pound, dollar and euro-spending tourists, making a big contribution to the economy.

I have often had lunch at Fairview, with meals ranging from cheese platters (always a brilliant choice) to sandwiches, salads and some much heavier stuff.

There is a super selection of wines by the glass, and the cappuccino is magnificent.
So I was not expecting to be disappointed when I recently visited Fairview.

I just happened to chose an awful dish. It was the paté, something which can be so good with chunks of freshly baked bread (and the bread at Fairview is excellent).

My problem was that the paté was devoid of flavour. You need to season a paté well, and they hadn’t. Not at all. No good. Bland paste. Not nice. I had only a few smears and gave up. My chum had a sandwich, pronounced it excellent, and had no complaints.

They could have rescued the occasion if a waiter had come anywhere near our table (on the covered terrace, a delightful location) while I was sulking.

But nothing. Just cleared away the 99.9% residue of the paté without a word, and brought the bill.

I did complain at the cash desk, the paté was removed from the bill, and the apology was sincere. I suspect they don’t get too many complaints, because the food is normally very good.

A slip-up in the kitchen and a not very awake waiter made it a memorable lunch for all the wrong reasons. I will probably return to Fairview, because I like it. But not for the paté.

My rating? 3.5*
Key to the Ratings….
1* Dog food is nicer
2*. Cat food is nicer
3*. Not bad if Woolworths is sold out of ready meals.
4*. I like it
5*. I love it. Not to be missed


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