The Unconventional CEO – Making trouble

The Unconventional CEO

Chapter 75 – You may have a life goal of doing well. That’s laudable and great. The world needs successful people doing good things for the people close to them and for others.

There is a neglected side of doing good, to which few aspire, and which only some have the strength to shoulder. That’s making trouble!

The only thing more worthwhile than doing good where good is needed is making trouble where trouble is needed.

Making trouble requires a particular attitude, because you need to be brave, not fearless. Doing good? Well that requires little courage. Especially if it means just dishing-out money instead of your most precious asset – your own time.

Making trouble requires all three of these elements: time, money and courage. Doing good makes few enemies. Making trouble sets the world right but will pit many people against you. By doing good deeds, you stroke your ego. If you do the right things this will tick off other people who were getting away with the misdeeds.

Still your shoulders are wider than your grin and your thighs are thicker than your neck. You may be the type of person on whom society relies. The sheriff who can confront evil and the patriot who takes to heart the Edmund Burke quote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. This is a remarkable and true statement from a remarkable man.

You – and those around you – are faced with the Choice of Hercules. Your choice is between the one path of duty or the other of pleasure. The first will lead to strife, hardship and perhaps glory and legacy. The other to worldly ease and comfort, but with an unremarkable life.

How true is your passion for a better future for your progeny? What better way to find out than to stand tall? Trouble will surely find you and then you will know your true worth. Through acquiring the wisdom to know that adversity does not build character. It merely reveals it. Dare to make a stand on the line you have drawn in the sand – in line with your own conscience. Then defend it with everything you have. In such a way, heroes are born.

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