More should follow Blade out, says BLF

These are some of the MPs believed by the Gupta-friendly media to have voted against President Zuma during the parliamentary vote of no confidence in August. The picture is instructive of whom may still be in the firing line. Image Black Opinion

The Black First Land First says it is jolly good that Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande has gotten the boot. The radical BLF has congratulated the President of the country, Jacob Zuma, “for removing one more agent of white monopoly capital and a mole of Johann Rupert inside the ruling party and in cabinet”. The movement – viewed widely as a Zupta front – has welcomed  Zuma’s drive in the direction of “radical economic transformation”. It predicts that more bleeding will follow

Zanele Lwana, the deputy president, joined Andile Mngxitama, the president, Lindsay Maasdorp, the national spokesperson and Brian Tloubatla, the deputy national spokesperson as saying that the Zuma action “makes sense”. Those who stood against radical economic transformation “should leave his government”, they said.

“We call upon all other agents of white monopoly capital who serve under the hest (sic: at the behest) of President Zuma to leave government voluntarily so that they can openly pursue their agenda against transformation.” It was a hint that the other SA Communist Party members including former deputy secretary general Jeremy Cronin and deputy public enterprises minister Ben Martins should also leave government.

Nzimande is secretary general of the SA Communist Party, one of the pegs of the tripartite alliance with the ANC.

They said: “Blade Nzimande is a consistent defender of white monopoly capital. He is a vile and corrupt communist who has soiled the name of communism and uses it as a cover to defend the capitalist class which is white and is monopolising the economy.”

“President Zuma has yet again shown leadership. We haven’t forgotten that he removed (Finance Minister) Pravin Gordhan and all other agents of white monopoly capital must face a similar fate.” Significantly the BLF predicted the removal of Gordhan at least a week before it happened – so it can be relied on to trade internal knowledge in the ruling clique in the ANC. Gordhan was axed at the start of the year.

For weeks now there has been public speculation that President Zuma would axe Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa – ahead of the ANC elective conference in December. The BLF statement may well be providing some evidence that something of this nature is in the offing. It is possible that another presidential candidate, Lindiwe Sisulu, is also in the president’s sights – as she has been identified as an anti-Zuma leader by the BLF.

The BLF leaders said: “We call upon the ruling party itself, more so those comrades who support radical economic transformation, that they must be resolute and uncompromising in dealing with agents of white monopoly capital. Black people need radical economic transformation now!  We cannot allow those who are agents of the enemy any position of leadership and to sabotage the dream of our people to get their land, the economy and also to enjoy the wealth of our mineral rights.”

The Cape Messenger warns readers that the Black First Land First movement’s views are its own. We carry this in the interests of being informed of the activities of the Zupta faction of the ruling party. Take it from whence it comes.

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