Cape water crisis ‘creating a disaster zone’

Oneiric Winery has posted this warning on the Cape water crisis:

This message is from someone who works in government. If you’re not taking this water crisis seriously, here are the bare facts.

Everyone should see this message as well as all visitors to the Western Cape during these upcoming summer months. Please pass this on.

Alert everyone, especially those visiting the Western Cape, that we are in the worst drought in recorded history.

This is the message from the (unnamed) official:

It is likely that the City of CT will be the first developed city in the world to run out of water.

“There are five phases to water restrictions. We are in Phase five…the worst phase. The biggest issue is to avoid Day Zero when all the taps run dry.

“We are thus on level 1 of 3 levels of the disaster response.

“We are currently allocated 87 litres per person per day, for everything. And a maximum of 400 litres per day per house should you have more people.

“Water-flow restrictors will be placed on a house for going above these levels, along with massive fines. This phase entails the lowering of water pressure (which is leading to a breakdown of piping infrastructure) to throttle usage.

“Currently COCT (City of Cape Town) people are not reducing water use enough. It is likely we will hit phase 2 of disaster response. In this phase, water will be cut off completely to some areas, and people will be collecting 15 litres per person per day from central collection points.

“I am raising this issue to convey the severity of the situation, and because visitors need to brace themselves.

“You are visiting a disaster zone and will have minimal access to water. Our current resources need to see us through to next winter.

“Agriculture has already seen their Day Zero. Farmers are not planting this year because there is no water – which is going to see more food imported – and with the weakening rand, prices of foodstuffs will be soaring. Sorry for the downer, but this is our reality”.

This message comes with love from the Elgin Valley wine region in the Western Cape, home to 16 wineries and numerous fruit-growing farms.

Elgin is tucked away in the UNESCO Kogelberg Biosphere and is your half-way mark between Cape Town & Hermanus.

Please help us in our endeavors to save water and where possible support local produce.

This appeal appeared on the Facebook page of Oneiric Winery. The Cape Messenger cannot guarantee the authenticity of all the claims, but it does add a further perspective to the debate.

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