Beaufort West gets drought relief from Givers

waterWater is being extracted from an aquifer at Beaufort West.

The Gift of the Givers is providing support to extract aquifer water to the drought-stricken town of Beaufort West in the Western Cape

The Gift of the Givers reports that it took “exactly 28 days” to map out the exact areas at Beaufort West. They studied the aquifers finding unwanted algae and water and high e.coli counts by hydrologist, geologist and palaeontologist, Dr Gideon Groenewald, came to the rescue.

The Gift of the Givers said it “is delighted to announce that we can safely pump out 1.2 million litres a day without stressing the new aquifers we have drilled into”.  The foundation reported that Groenewald had 40 years of experience of studying water “and has achieved this remarkable feat”.

Pumping of the water began today, Monday, 11 December.


The foundation said it was preparing for step two, pumping the water through solar drive pumps into the existing pipeline from the Gamka Dam into the town’s reservoir. “Effectively we have met Beaufort West’s water shortfall of one million litres per day. We still pray for soaking, continuous rains to fill the various dams in the region and the underground water reserves.”

The foundation said it was “simultaneously requesting ALL South African to conserve this scarce resource and use it sparingly and efficiently”. eNCA reported Imtiaz Sooliman of Gift of the Givers as saying the water would be pumped to the town’s water reservoir ultimately.

He thanked the mayor Japie van der Linde, Martyn Landmann, the driller, and engineer Hennie de Jager – who connected the five production boreholes to the main water line from the Gamka Dam.

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