Sperm Boy: A new tool to fight Day Zero

Capetonians would not have to face undignified water restrictions if all levels of government had done their jobs, worked together, and ensured there was ample water in Cape Town.

So it gives me great satisfaction to see the flow of ridicule which greeted the latest PR initiative from the Department of Water and Sanitation, which has been so inept, so often, in the past.

Meet Sperm Boy (Probably not his official title.  But the Department has been as useless in keeping us in the loop on this as it has been in tackling water crises across the land).  Why the name?   Just look at  him.

He (she? I haven’t looked!) is a menacing and sinister figure.    Not as menacing as Jacob Zuma, I admit.  And yet one has to assume that idiots in government paid a fortune in taxpayers’ dosh to the idiots who came up with this inaction figure.  Both scary and hilarious at the same time.   A sort of Julius Malema of the puppet world.

Produce a creature which looks ridiculous, sperm-like and menacing, and you are asking for trouble. But the irony does not end there. Oh, no.

Sperm Boy, who wears his incontinence nappy outside his trousers, was launched (see top photo) alongside Beauty-Queen Woman.  Just the sort of creature the ANC Women’s League loves to see used in this way.   Recruited not for her intellect, but for her ability to fill a bra.   Beauty and the Beast, indeed.

Faced with a scary but laughable monster, social media has gone wild with jokes about the splash (of some unwanted substance) being made by Sperm Boy.

There have even been some brilliant visual jokes:

And this IT-inspired one is a classic:

I am sure that Sperm Boy was intended to serve a noble purpose.   To persuade us all to use less water, to help stave off Day Zero.

Instead it reveals once again the incompetence and ineptitude of our Department of Water Affairs.

Which is no joke.  And no surprise either.


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