Whatever happened to honest communication?

Jacob Zuma

What do you call a SABC interview with Zuma?  A monologue…   Did you see it?  It was pathetic.  On and on he went, giving chapter and verse, footnote and references, waffle and wind, on his final exit discussions with the ANC.   Hardly interrupted by the SABC stooge who presented a case-study in how NOT to conduct an interview.   

Why was SABC chosen as the chanbel for the final pre-resignation interview of old Showerhead?  Please see above.

Of course, JZ is not unique in choosing how he communicates with the unwashed masses (with the people of Cape Town being more unwashed than the rest).

Take our Mayor Patricia de Lille….  and she was close to being taken away after Thursday’s no-confidence vote, which she won by just one hand, or one click of a button,  or however they do these things.

The irony is that she could have doubled this margin had she not summoned the mayoral Huff and stormed out of it!  She didn’t vote.

But I digress.

What she is keen on is composing lengthy streams of tweets to communicate her views, concerns, paranoia.  I am surprised she does not tweet her grocery lists as well.

However, if you find our near-miss Mayor a little bizarre, you might be astonished at communications strategy of the Provincial Leader Helen Zille.

Smelly Helly, as some call her due to her frugal washing habits, has opted not to rely on her provincial communications team, and has instead chosen a more maverick mouthpiece:  The Daily Maverick.

Those who read it tell me it is an online publication, presumably trying hard to reach the lofty heights of The Cape Messenger.

So if you want to know what the Premier is thinking, saying, doing, how often she washes, you have to log-on to this weekly blog to find out.

Does she get paid for it?  I don’t know?  Should she be paid for it?   You decide.

Does she think this is the best channel of communications to be chosen while the people of Cape Town and elsewhere in the province face Day Zero?    One supposes so.

We probably won’t pay her for any contributions, but would like to see the Premier’s column being diffused more widely.

Not necessarily through the SABC – and Patricia de Lille’s twitter example is definitely to be avoided – but why not spread her (water?) wings and communicate more freely, fairly and widely, without neither fear nor favour?

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