We like our farmers, you Aussie idiots

The South Afrian government indulged Wednesday in what we South Afrians love the most – abusing the Aussies. The row was sparked by suggestions that our white farmers are an oppressed group, and should be offered sanctuary in the land of convict colonialism.

Australia’s minister for immigration and border protection, Peter Dutton, had reportedly triggered the row by suggesting that SA farmers should jump the immigration queue because they face “horrific circumstances”.

Certainly, farm murders and attacks in SA are a major concern, and if it could be proven that these barbaric acts are race-based, the Aussies would have a point.

The Aussies may also have been referring to the threat of government land-grabs without compensation, but this policy intention is being carefully nuanced by President Cyril Ramaphosa, as was seen in his recent remarks in Parliament.

The foreign affairs department (DIRCO) decided to quell the Aussie angst with a starkly-worded despatch – delivered in diplomatic phrases, but with all the menace of a charging rhino.

“We regret that the Australian Government chose not to use the available diplomatic channels to raise concerns or to seek clarification on the land redistribution process in South Africa,” said Minister Lindiwe Sisulu.  This was the diplomatic equivalent of a carefully applied boot to Dutton’s most cherished possessions.

“Those channels remain open and available for all Governments to engage with the South African Government,” she continued.

“The Department of International Relations and Cooperation is however engaging with the Australian Government on this matter.

“It must be stated again that the South African President, HE President Cyril Ramaphosa, the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Ms Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Lindiwe Sisulu, have said on a number of public platforms, and also when engaging with different stakeholders, that the process of land redistribution would be orderly, within South African laws and taking into consideration both the social and economic impact.

“We call on organizations such as AfriForum that are spreading incorrect information, sowing panic and fear to refrain from doing so,” she pleaded, in a clear attempt to deflect the blame for the whole mess towards the civil rights group.

“The South African Government has been very clear and transparent on a land reform process and the matter is now before Parliament,” said Sisulu.

“All stakeholders will be consulted, and they are also encouraged to engage with Parliament. There is no reason for any Government anywhere in the world to suspect that any South African is in danger from their own democratically elected Government. That threat simply does not exist.”

Not quite as dramatic as Britain’s announcement it is to boot a bunch of Russian officials back home for the way in which their assassins had been wandering around the green and pleasant land. killing dissidents with nerve gas.

But annoyed, even so.

In the meantime, it might be worth keeping an eye on the trend in visa applications at the Australian consulate from SA’s fleeing farmers.

The door is now open, you probably can’t receive ANN7 there; and there are ever so many sheep who need (slighty less intimate) care and attention.

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  1. sisulu must have missed the English class in school. “Expropriation without compensation” means that gov will go to an owner of land, tell him/her to f**k off and not give a tinkers what happens to that person. And then give the land to one of their cadres, regardless of whether they know what to do with the land or not.
    The poser said that land distribution would be orderly, within the laws (which they want to change) and take into consideration of the social and economic effect it will have. Obviously the economic effect it will have on the previous owner is not even considered. They seem to have learned a lot from their zim mentor.

  2. If it was not for the foreign media, our friends in Australia, USA and Britain, we would not know what really happens in South Africa. The foreign media are much more up to date on our affairs. That is why Dutton can make such a statement.
    You don’t see in the media that a black farmer and his family was brutally murdered, only white farmers. What more evidence do you need to see it is race-based.

  3. “We call on organizations such as AfriForum that are spreading incorrect information, sowing panic and fear to refrain from doing so,” she pleaded” I don’t think Afriforum is doing anything else than just telling the world what is going on in South Africa. I would urge anyone to go and read what exactly is the stance of Afriforum by visiting their website.

  4. I have bad news for miesies Sisulu. Australia does not need Afriforum to tell them what is going on. The foreign countries see more of our news than we do. They know exactly how bad the ANC’s racism is.Unfortunately, the ANC does not love their farmers. They hate the farmers with a passion.To the outside world, it looks like the farm murders are state sponsored. Ask the foreigners. They will tell you. Even the African countries think that the ANC is following a policy of killing every white farmer to get them off the land.

  5. Apparently, we don’t love them enough. Or perhaps we are showing our love like the husband who assaults his wife every evening after work…

    During the month of February 28 farmers were murdered – that is one farmer for every day of the month.

    Our farmers are true South Africans. They don’t hold second passports, they don’t have a plan B. They can only stay here.

    I say thank goodness for countries like Oz who are offering our farmers a plan B.

  6. Sorry to say John, Whereas we understand the rationale of addressing the injustices of the past- most Boer farmers agree that apartheid was not the right model to run a country with- there is a total breakdown of trust and faith in the government as it is as a direct consequence of the Governments actions over the last quarter century.
    Lets unpack this lack of trust in some more detail:
    1) The government has done sweet nothing to make the farmers feel like they have any support whatsoever
    2) The government has showed just how inept they are in governing a country according to so-called democratic rules
    3) Socially racist statements as made by H. Zille, Mrs Sparrow and H&M Co. have been voraciously nailed to crosses as racist speech YET there is no similar response for worse statements made by ANC, BLF and EFF in public and proudly under their respective political banners- “Bring me my machine”, Kill the boer kill the white”, “We aren’t going to kill all whites, for now” and ” remove Atholl Trollip as mayor of PE because he is white”
    4) The concept of Affirmative action/BEE is one thing.. having it as a permanent rule against the very non Africans of the country ad infinitum now starts converting it into discrimination.. a 20 year old white male is going to find it very hard to get anywhere in SA.. and they were born into this country- not with a silver spoon in their mouth. On this very point, let me point out that its not just whites who are finding BEE discriminatory.. the Indian and Coloured population are included to a lesser degree- Ive been in discussion with a coloured lady that worked for the navy- she has confirmed that lesser qualified and suitable candidates have been appointed in positions that she and others applied for but were declined- their feeling is that they’re not black enough and their is nepotism and greed at play for top jobs.. a similar discussion was had with a police captain i know a few years back where a similar thing has happened.. Lets be frank- BEE HAS FAILED DISMALLY.
    5) The FET education system:- The focus of studying further should be to GAIN KNOWLEDGE to enable one to pursue a career path.. a degree has never been a guarantee to career success- the truth is attitude towards your field of study and professionalism gives more guarantee to success. How on Earth does an attitude of burning down a campus contribute towards a successful future prodfessional class of individuals.. and what about those that have accepted that they must pay for these studies and found a way to bleed the money out or be tied to contractual agreements or loans .. they try to be professional about their studies but are threatened and intimidates if they don’t agree.. what about their own private career paths that they are following?? How is it fair that they have to put up with this at all costs just to get a diploma or degree.. Has anything been done about this right? NO, in fact the right to protest supersedes the right to fair education and sadly this in itself IS NOT DEMOCRATIC.
    6) There is an ethic of corruption and ineptness throughout the government- Even the DA is fraught with scandal.. Corrupt president and MPS are seen getting away with murder.. What a lovely role model that breeds respect and admiration in the masses!

    The truth is that freedom comes with responsibility in all its forms and this is no longer evidence and as a consequence we have an abomination of so-called democracy.

    How on Earth does the government expect the minorities to respond given the track record? What an insult to the integrity of any thinking man to listen to the drivel spouted by Sisulu intoning that forums like Afriforum are spreading incorrect information and causing panic and fear…The ANC has proved beyond reasonable doubt that through their actions and words they are more than capable of doing just that on their own, albeit perhaps in a more insidious manner. Please don’t pay lip service to the minorities when presidential and political songs are in direct opposition to that

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