Zuma ‘planned to arrest’ Ramaphosa

South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma. The Conversation

President Jacob Zuma had planned to arrest President Cyril Ramaphosa in February this year. This is according to someone who has been close to the African National Congress her whole life – as an activist, later an MP, and later someone who was offered a cabinet post by the Guptas, Vytjie Mentor.

Mentor said Zuma had planned to arrest Ramaphosa in the evening of February 14. He had a top-meeting with a senior ranking leader of the South African Defence Force in the early hours of that morning. At 6 am on the same date of 14 February, the Defence Force Leadership left his Presidential house in Pretoria and drove to the Pretoria CBD.

Later on, Zuma was reported to have driven “in a rendezvous way” in a shortened convoy.

Later in the day, Zuma had an exclusive interview with a journalist from the SABC which was televised. “The journo was coy and basically asked him no pertinent or critical questions at all; this despite the mood and expectation in the country and across the globe,” reported Mentor, a former chairperson of the national assembly’s public enterprises committee.

Mentor insists that Zuma was going to arrest the Deputy President – Ramaphosa was still second in command – that day and call for a State of Emergency.

She said a day or two before February 14, the Minister of Defence and the Police Minister attended “a queer meeting” together in a restaurant in the Cape Quarter – away from Parliament and away from their Offices in Plein Street. “Their meeting became short-lived after one of their security-personnel alerted me to that queer meeting,” reported Mentor.

She said after she had exposed the meeting on social networks, the defence force refused to come to the party in support of the State of Emergency, and by 10 p.m. Zuma was forced to resign.

Mentor said Zuma’s supporters were continuing their activities to topple Ramaphosa. “He and his supporters are currently plotting violence, destabilising the country, throwing the pending national elections into turmoil, and finally dethroning Ramaphosa as President of the country and of the ANC,” claimed Mentor.

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  1. Zuma must accept his fate.

    South African Citizens must not be underestimated. The voting majority of SA Citizens want nothing more than to see Zuma behind bars.

    As for the ANC, it’s majority voted Zuma out. Zuma needs to come to terms with his reality!!

  2. Clearly a well researched article. WTF is driven “in a rendezvous way” to a “queer” meeting?

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